I have always wanted to dance and did so for many years. The usual, ballet, tap, jazz, etc. My dream was to be a Rockette or be in a Broadway musical, then life happened and I never quite made it. All these years later, in my retirement, I decided to take a Ballroom dance class. A little over a year ago, I met Sergey and took my first lesson. Through his devotion, patience, love of dancing and his extraordinary ability to teach in a way that you understand the process of what you are trying to accomplish has brought dancing back into my life. Sergey has taken me, successfully as a newcomer, to Ballroom and Latin dance competitions. This is an entirely new world for me that is nothing short of electrifying. My plan is to continue dance lessons, competing and striving for the best I can be for as long as I can!


I had just retired and knew exactly what I was going to do. As a child I would dance on my father's feet. I called the dance studio, met the instructors, and began my new "career" in dance. Good luck was still with me. Sergey introduced me to the world of competitive ballroom dancing! I'm having great fun. And the health advantages for mind and body are priceless. As Arthur Murray used to say "put some fun in your life.. try dancing".


I started dancing at age 3 when my parents would play latin music on the old fashioned "victrolas" or record players. I inherited my love of dance from my mother and grandfather. As a young girl I was introduced briefly to ballet, jazz and tap. As a young adult I started pursuing lessons in hustle (when that form of dance began) as well as American style ballroom dancing. Although a number of years and life changes went by, my love for dance never diminished. I became a serious student of international ballroom and social dance about 13 years ago and never looked back. Sergey became my teacher about 4 years ago and he has been a great inspiration to me in many ways. I appreciate his devotion to teaching, his patience and his belief in my capabilities even when I doubt myself. We have done numerous showcases which have given me a great sense of accomplishment. I dance for so many benefits including exercise, social interaction, mental challenge, emotional well being and just plain fun. A day without dancing is a day without sunshine.


I started dancing at the age of 7. After a couple of years of dancing, I absolutely fell in love with it! It became a part of who I was. It was a way for me to express myself, without any judgement. As I grew older, I grew busier and dance went a little bit on the back burner; I realized that my life was not the same without it. Dance has been my constant and continues to be a major part of my life. It is such a great experience and such a great outlet for people of all ages!


Other than dancing with my father and uncles as a little girl, dancing had not been a part of my life growing up. Until midlife. Started taking lessons and classes at a local dance studio, and found that I very much enjoyed dancing socially, with an ever-growing circle of new friends. Then 4 ½ years ago, Sergey became my instructor. And with his encouragement, my options and passion involving dance literally exploded. Showcases, where we perform for our friends, family and fellow dancers. "Medal" (student proficiency) testing, where our progress in dancing is evaluated under the standards of an established dance organization. Competitions, with all its excitement, energy, and thrill of striving to do ever better. And there is still social dancing, with all my friends, in multiple styles of dancing. Love the flexibility of choosing where I want to go with my dancing. For me, there is no better way to challenge and exercise the mind, as well as the body. Can no longer image life without dancing!


Let me begin by saying… my journey began about 10 years ago. I knew I was destined to dance. During the last few years I had the fortune of having Sergey become my instructor. One of the most patient and effective teachers I have come to know. This dance experience has given me greater self confidence, respect for the achievement of others and the art of dancing. My deepest gratitude goes to Sergey for his ability to bring out my brightest Shine!